Leandro Erlich - Swimming Pool

Leandro Erlich, Argentina b.1973

Swimming pool 2010 Timber, swimming pool ladder, plexiglass an water

“An extraordinary and visually confounding installation…Erlich constructed a full-size pool, complete with all its trappings, including a deck and a ladder.

When approached from the first floor, visitors were confronted with a surreal scene: people, fully clothed, can be seen standing, walking, and breathing beneath the surface of the water.

It was only when visitors entered the Duplex gallery from the basement that they recognized that the pool is empty, its construction a visual trick fashioned by the artist.

A large, continuous piece of acrylic spanned the pool and suspended water above it, creating the illusion of a standard swimming pool that was both disorienting and humorous.”

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Visuals of the enemy


Visuals of the enemy

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"Did you just steal my crown?"
“No. I borrowed it. And it is actually my crown!”
“Who’s the thief now? … Give it back!”

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this is 1234567654654453% not ok.

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Everytime I wash a spoon

Vine by BigNik

OH my god

this video is a work of art

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There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment.

Hermione launched herself forwards and started punching every inch of him that she could reach.

'Ouch — ow — gerroff! What the — ? Hermione — OW!'

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